Priyanka Kumari
Creative Strategist
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Priyanka Kumari is a filmmaker, video editor, photographer, design strategist and researcher based in India.


Priyanka Kumari has obtained her bachelor degree in Visual Communication from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru, and master degree in Photography Design from National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. She has an interest and joy for discovering ideas to make any thought more accessible through visual storytelling. She likes to play around with mixed media to explore possibilities of visual media. Her major interest lies in making documentary films, photo essays and 2D animation. She is exploring the social development sector in order to build her understanding of the grassroots subjects. 

She believes that having a strong understanding of our roots help strengthen our voice against taboos, stereotypes and social-economic injustice. She has been visiting rural setups to develop her understanding of grassroots subjects and issues and how they are intersectional in nature.

She has worked in collaboration with several entities (individuals, organizations, studios, agencies) as a film maker, video editor, photographer, design strategist and researcher in the state of Jharkhand, Bihar and other parts of India. She is currently associated with an educational start-up that is aspiring to re-define liberal education in 21st century India.

In her personal life, she likes to capture moments in the form of images from the daily lives of her family who is moving ahead against the flow of stereotyping, prejudices and traditional belief system that prevails deeply around. While the topic is being seriously pursued, the depiction of it is approached lightly to portray the concept of ‘Live and Let Live’ in order to reflect the lifestyle of her family of seven members living in Dhanbad, a small city in the tribal state of Jharkhand.