Priyanka Kumari
Creative Strategist
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SCC Regional learning lab – Odisha

The first regional chapter of the She Creates Change happened in Odisha which was led by Pranay Manjari, a changemaker from the SCC community and was joined by six other changemakers- Almas Virani, Bideshini Patel, Meenakshi Gandotra, Priyanka Kumari, Shilpa Shree and Sunita. These changemakers from the SCC Bengaluru Learning Lab came together as strategists to organize the first regional lab. The initiative facilitated a platform for 17 grassroot changemakers from different parts of Odisha to share a common space of activism.

As a result, the group now stands by its fellow changemakers in creating petitions, mobilizing them, reaching out to media, supporting in case of crisis (be it online bully/ personal mess in life, or depression, just anything) and creating a support structure to its fellow womxn to stand tall in life.

The She Creates Change community has become a safe space for its womxn to voice their anger and opinion, collaborate, complement each other’s skills and work towards a common goal to make this world a better place to live in for everyone (including trees and animals).

 These womxn are from all walks of life – they are working mothers, professionals, journalists, single mothers, activists, teachers, development professionals, students who are running campaigns to raise their voice against injustice, inequality and discrimination at different levels

Few Accomplishments of the New Community:

  • Many renowned activists from Odisha joined the group – Meghana Sahoo, Dharitri Pattnaik, Sujata Mohapatra. This group organized a Political Shakti event on 7 March 2019 in Bhubaneswar which was covered by maximum number of TV media in Odisha.
  • Bideshini Patel reported an issue of a Girls Residential School through a video. It was resolved by Dharitri Pattnaik who talked to the District Magistrate. The toilet was repaired and made functional within one month after reportage was highlighted on twitter. The DM personally called Dharitri and visited the school.
  • Sasmita Sahu ran an online petition – – asking Google India to include Odia language in google translate. Today, Odia language is included in the Google Translate, easing the process of communication and understanding for Odia speakers.
  • Meghana Sahoo ran a petition – – asking BMC Commissioner of Bhubaneswar to add transgender symbol to the labels in all public toilets. BMC agreed to the demand and gave an interview to Times of India mentioning that the file is sent for approval and few toilets already have added the symbol.